SHOO IN Puppy Training Pads, 56×56cm, 100 pcs/bag

Make house training your puppy a breeze with our Premium Puppy Training Pads. Measuring 56×56cm and available in packs of 100, these training pads are designed to keep your home clean and your puppy happy. Here’s why our training pads are a must-have for every pet owner

Generous Size for Maximum Coverage

Each pad measures 56×56cm, providing ample space for your puppy to use. The generous size ensures that even the largest messes are contained, keeping your floors clean and dry.

Super Absorbent Core

Our training pads feature a super absorbent core that quickly locks in moisture, preventing leaks and odours. The advanced absorbency ensures that your puppy’s mess is dealt with efficiently, giving you peace of mind.

Leak-Proof Design

The pads are designed with a leak-proof backing that prevents any moisture from seeping through to your floors. This added layer of protection keeps your home clean and dry, no matter how much your puppy uses the pad.

Odour Control Technology

Our training pads are equipped with odour control technology that neutralises unpleasant smells. This keeps your home smelling fresh, even when the pads are in use.

Why Choose Our Premium Puppy Training Pads?

Generous 56×56cm size for ample coverage
Super absorbent core for quick moisture lock-in
Leak-proof design to protect your floors
Quick-drying surface to keep paws clean
Built-in attractant for consistent use
Odour control technology for a fresh-smelling home
Easy disposal for convenience
Versatile use for various pet needs
Cost-effective pack with 100 pads
Made from eco-friendly materials
Our Premium Puppy Training Pads are the perfect solution for any pet owner looking to make house training simple and effective. With superior absorbency, leak-proof protection, and odour control, these pads provide a clean and convenient way to manage your puppy’s needs. Order your pack today and experience the difference!

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