SHOO IN Pet CleaningWipes, 18×20cm, 60 pcs/box

Keep your furry friends clean and fresh with our Premium Pet Wipes! Designed for pet parents who want the best for their pets, our wipes are the ultimate grooming essential. Here’s why you’ll love them:

Gentle and Safe for All Pets

Our pet wipes are made with a hypoallergenic formula, perfect for pets with sensitive skin. Free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and alcohol, these wipes ensure a gentle clean every time.

Multi-Purpose Use

These versatile wipes are perfect for cleaning paws, fur, and even around the eyes and ears. They’re great for quick clean-ups after walks, playtime, or any messy adventure your pet gets into.

Deodorizing Fresh Scent

Say goodbye to pet odors! Our wipes have a light, fresh scent that neutralizes odors, leaving your pet smelling delightful without being overwhelming.

Extra Thick and Durable

Made with extra-thick, durable material, these wipes won’t tear or shred during use. They’re strong enough to handle even the toughest dirt and grime.

Why Choose Our Pet Wipes?

Safe for daily use on dogs, cats, and other small animals
Ideal for pets with allergies or sensitive skin
Perfect for grooming between baths
Easy way to maintain cleanliness and hygiene
Keep your pet looking and feeling their best with our Premium Pet Wipes. Convenient, effective, and kind to your pet’s skin, they’re an essential addition to any pet care routine. Try them today and experience the difference!

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